A Mother's Account of Learning to Teach Her Children At Home
I am a SAHM and teacher of six beautiful daughters. I decided to create this blog because I needed somewhere to write down what I was and am going through as I learn about the wide world of homeschooling. I figured why not share that process, in case there was anyone that found it as overwhelming as I did! I hope you enjoy your stay and perhaps find something helpful in your own journey!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tentative Subject Schedule Outline

Daily Activities
  • Personal reading time silent
  • Personal reading time aloud
  • Scripture reading time aloud
  • Family reading time aloud
  • Family scripture reading time aloud
  • Flash cards – alphabet, colors, counting, states, capitals, countries, presidents, prophets, multiplication, subtraction, addition, division, body parts, etc.
  • Math
  • Journals
  • Life skills - chores, cooking, etc.
  • Physical education - play outside, take a walk, bike ride, etc.
Weekly Activities
  • Science 2x
  • Fieldtrip 1x
  • Game & Puzzle Afternoon 1x
  • Spelling test 1x
  • Research paper or book report 1x – Rebekah only
  • Arts & Crafts 2x
  • Creative Writing 2x
  • Library 1x
Monthly Activities
  • Social Studies Project 2x
  • Health education 1x

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